Friday 25NOV11

(All verses are from the KJV)

Philppians 3:1-2 Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the Lord. To write the same things to you, to me indeed is not grievous, but for you it is safe. Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.





Cross removed at base in Afghanistan


Churches That Embrace Technology Attract Younger Congregations, Study Finds

Plymouth’s Great Reform

Hispanic Shift the Salvation of American Christianity?

Muslim Persecution of Christians Update

Israel, Iran on Collision Course with History

No Support For Israel In The White House?

Thanksgiving: Gratitude for Pro-life Victories!

When the Lord Does Something, He Always Does It Right

Science: 666 System

Mobile networks told to ban ‘Jesus Christ’ from airwaves
The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority is banning the name of “Jesus Christ” from any text message sent in the country.

The government’s telecommunications agency has given mobile phone companies a list of 1,695 words and informed mobile companies that they have seven days to implement filters in their systems that would block the transmission of the listed words….


The Doomsday Project and Deep Events: JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and 9/11

Brussels: The New Capital of Eurabia

Iranian Nuke Attack on US Easy as EMP?

The Coming European Superstate That Germany Plans To Create

Experts Predict United States of Europe to Rise From Economic Ashes

The scourge of clientitis

For many years, observers of the US State Department on both sides of the American political spectrum have agreed that State Department officials suffer from a malady referred to as “clientitis.” Clientitis is generally defined as a state of mind in which representatives of an organization confuse their roles.

Rather than advance the cause of their organization to outside organizations, they represent the interests of outside organizations to their own organizations.

In some cases, diplomats are simply corrupted by their host governments. For generations US diplomats to Saudi Arabia have received lucrative post-government service jobs at Saudi-owned or controlled companies, public relations firms and other institutions.

Often, the problem is myopia rather than corruption....

Radio interview on the Milt Rosenberg Show – Sunday night I had the pleasure of being Milt Rosenberg’s guest on his nightly show “Extension 720” on WGN radio in Chicago. Milt is something of a radio legend. He’s been doing his show for 38 years.

An Effective Campaign to Eradicate Poverty
Why did the United States become so wealthy? Was it the possession of vast natural resources? Africa has more. Was it the existence of greater industry? Japan has more. Was it the existence of a superior education system? The US now ranks below the top ten nations in education. The reason the United States has led the world in wealth, standard of living and abundance is that the average resident of the United States has had the ability and the opportunity to…..

It’s time for real leadership and vision for America
It is time America says no to all this and starts a new international association of countries who promote human rights and freedom. Perhaps our real friends and freedom loving countries could get some important things done without controlling and stealing from the people, or trying to destroy Israel……

11 Tips for Safe Online Shopping
Billions of dollars will be spent online over the course of the next month, and, unfortunately, there are those that will be looking to steal some of it. Make sure you’re not a victim.

Perversion of justice
Border Patrol Agent Jesus Diaz did not have a great Thanksgiving. He spent it in solitary confinement as a virtual political prisoner of Barack Obama’s Department of Injustice.

Print Only The Part(s) Of A Web Page That You Want

Green Energy Is Awash in Red Ink By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

American people are beginning to notice that the “green energy” is not so green after all, it is awash in red ink.

“Green jobs” were being promised all over Europe when Spanish voters swept into power the Socialist party in 2004. More entitlements and withdrawal from the war in the Middle East were the icing on the cake. The Socialists presided initially over a period of sustained economic growth. Today Spain has 5 million unemployed, a huge public debt, and the “indignados” (the indignants) who are a small and disruptive minoritarios….

An advocacy organization for U.S. Border Patrol agents has posted online a series of files containing the discovery documentation in the case against Agent Jesus Diaz, who is serving a 24-month prison term for his encounter with a teenage drug smuggler.

The posting by the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council came even though a federal judge had issued an order forbidding the disclosure of the documents by defense counsel.




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