Here you find news that most likely won’t be heard on television nor radio with few exceptions. The news featured will concern you and your future, it also will be Biblical in some areas. Currently it is from a newsletter that I have been publishing 6 days a week as an email.  Also you can get educated on how the NIV varies from the KJV version of the Bible.

About the title “moflats”: moflats was (still is) a place where I would go as a boy to camp and fish. The easy way there was thru the river witch took about 30 minutes to get there. This way was accessible when their wasn’t flooding in the spring and via the iced over route in the winter. The kids here (when I was much younger) named it moflats an acronym for more flats as this little valley was full of benches that resembled flats. (this part is hard to explain),

Most kids with the exception of one older guy and my cousin would not go to moflats as they considered it haunted, due to the many owls screeching at night (most kids after one night of camping were more than ready to leave and never camp there again. My cousin and I* camped there when ever we got the chance as we knew we would not have company, who would consume our supplies.

In 1987 I retired from the USAF and went over to moflats and what I saw made me a full grown man cry. What once was a lush green valley, full of Hugh trees (my cousin and I could never touch hands around most of the trees there) had been butchered by the loggers and many of the Hugh trees that they cut, were still laying there rotting away, as they could not move them. What a waste, and the flats were destroyed by log roads.

So all I have is memories of a once beautiful place and I have picked up the nick name of moflats for this site. (Thought you’d like to know)

I am a Full Gospel Bible believing Christian, Constitutionalist, USAF Retired Vietnam Veteran.


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