Wednesday 16NOV11

(All verses are from the KJV)

Psalms 26 A Psalm of David. Judge me, O LORD; for I have walked in mine integrity: I have trusted also in the LORD; therefore I shall not slide. Examine me, O LORD, and prove me; try my reins and my heart. For thy lovingkindness is before mine eyes: and I have walked in thy truth. I have not sat with vain persons, neither will I go in with dissemblers. I have hated the congregation of evil doers; and will not sit with the wicked. I will wash mine hands in innocency: so will I compass thine altar, O LORD: That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works. LORD, I have loved the habitation of thy house, and the place where thine honour dwelleth. Gather not my soul with sinners, nor my life with bloody men: In whose hands is mischief, and their right hand is full of bribes. But as for me, I will walk in mine integrity: redeem me, and be merciful unto me. My foot standeth in an even place: in the congregations will I bless the LORD





Controversial Crucifix Film Part of NYC Exhibition

Palestinians To Evangelicals: Zionism is a sin

Texas Late-Term Abortionist and Baptist Minister Admits: “Am I killing? Yes, I am”—By Thaddeus M. Baklinski
Boyd opened the first abortion facility in Texas in 1973 following the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision and is the only doctor in North Texas who will perform late-term abortions on women up to six months pregnant.

Vatican Fulfills Prophecy—By Anton Bosch
The Bible paints quite a clear picture of the major events that precede the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to the earth. Many of the smaller details may be difficult to interpret but the major events concerning the world’s religious, economic and political future are clearly spelled out in Revelation 13, 17 and 18:


Spiritual Warfare Part 1–By Berit Kjos

Part 2– Torn by Rage, will we Bow to the Dragon?

Part 3—Hating the Truth and Primed for Deception

Part 4—Reviving Witchcraft


Lighthouse Newsletter



Your Tax Dollars Subsidizing Scottie Pippen, Ted Turner, and Jon Bon Jovi?

Obama Nominee for Social Security Board Favors Rationing Health Care

Americans are NOT stupid [THINK AGAIN]

Syria – The Possible Flash Point?

Crop-Killing Drought to Push Food Inflation Even Higher

Overpopulation hysteria is unfounded, and the UN’s predictions of exponential population growth are false. Statistics show that populations decline when economies improve and food supplies increase. Countries that encourage voluntary population reduction do better than those, like China, that use coercion. Here are the facts….

What if Supreme Court Rules against the Constitution on Healthcare
Will the States give up their 10th amendment rights? Will the people give up their Constitutional rights and freedom even if the big and fancy Supreme Court rules with Obama and against the Constitution and the people……

Extremely low frequency (ELF) electro-magnetic energy waves can trigger earthquakes. These waves are being produced by a military facility in Alaska called HAARP. Particulates sprayed into the atmosphere (chemtrails) theoretically could be used in conjunction with HAARP to change the weather, including the creation of droughts, storms, and floods.

Despite Deceit and Lies Obama Syndicate and Dems Continue Push for Gun and People Control By Sher Zieve

With real polls (not the ones Obama has ordered the alphabet networks to counterfeit) continuing to fall for Dictator Obama, he is working as fast as he can to establish his tyranny as a fait accompli. ObamaThugs calling themselves “Occupy Wall Street” (OWS) have taken their rioting, perversions, crimes, open defecations and copulations, murders/deaths (at least three of them [some reports say four] as of this writing) and all-around bad behaviors to the streets, businesses and byways of multiple cities throughout the [former] USA.

INSTITUTIONALIZED FAILURE: Accuracy in Academia gives a critical look today at why Academia finds hope and progress with the acceptance of failure.

Russia’s High Stakes Energy Geopolitics – Nord Stream, the huge Russian-German pipeline project, began delivering gas to the EU

Mark Sisson talks to Lew Rockwell on how to get healthier.

A Chiropractor Looks at the Zapruder Film

Glycemic Index – Do You Know How This Affects You?

Is Your Lawmaker Vulnerable?

If you thought Italy was bad…
Italy’s finances look shaky but some of its neighbours in the eurozone – and the UK – might be even worse off

Peter Schiff: Brace for “Abrupt” Dollar Collapse

Senators introduce “STOCK Act” to stop “insider trading” in Congress

Senators Outraged U.S. Borrowing Big From China While Also Giving It Aid

Property Prices Collapse in China. Is This a Crash?

China: Central Planning Gone Wild – ‘When This Is Over, All Hell’s Gonna Break Loose’

Hong Kong Economist – China Nearly Bankrupt

No? Take a look at this state owned pharmaceutical company. Unreal.

We’re here to help you: A government inspector arrives during a meal and forces private citizens on private property to destroy the home-grown food.



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