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John 3:12-18 If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things? And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven. And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.



Is The Gospel Illegal in America?
The media is complicit with this cover-up. They have created an atmosphere in America where everyone is considered guilty until proven innocent. We read reports in the news and are convinced that it is an “isolated incident”…just a rogue cop…and it doesn’t affect me anyway…But it does affect you. You just don’t know it because it hasn’t happened to you …yet. Have you ever noticed…..

Coach Dave Speaking Twice this Weekend

On Saturday, September 10th, Coach will be speaking as part of the Ohio Valley Tea Party event at the Columbiana County Fairgrounds in Lisbon, Ohio Saturday afternoon. For more information visit

On Sunday morning, September 11th, Coach Dave will be filling the pulpit for Pastor Tom Gill at The Gathering in Fairfield Beach, Ohio located just east of Thornville on the South side of Buckeye Lake. For more information visit

Passing the Salt, Coach Dave Daubenmire



Was it Jesus in the clouds?



9/11 – Sovereign to international – Christian to secular By Dr. Laurie Roth
Obama says ‘he looks to heal’ on the 9/11 attacks. His apparent plan for this is to insult every American on 9/11. Naturally he must continue his strategy and theme…..insult, attack and destroy America. He plans to place the emphasis and focus of this historical attack on the USA to the world. You see, ‘Al Kae Da’ attacked everyone, every country and all religions, not the USA….

Dirty, Dangerous Louisiana Abortion Clinic Ordered To Close Again

Operation Rescue, Abortionists Face Off Over New Law

Change to Chains, Part 2
In nearly 6,000 years of recorded human history, the most common form of human government has been the rule of a king. In contrast, America has attempted to recognize the God-given rights and freedoms of the individual and to guarantee liberty through the laws of a representative republic. Bill Federer walks us through the tyrannical cycles of the past and warns us not to repeat history’s mistakes.

Turkish PM: Warships will escort future aid vessels to Gaza



Clinton People Once Again Stick Their Noses In Israeli Politics

A new high-tech “virtual” fence is being built along the border with Egypt to protect Israel from infiltration and to detect terrorists.

Labor army goes to war in Longview

Trumka To Obama: “Go To The Mat” For Labor Tonight

Big Tax Hikes Coming? Democrats aim to increase top tax rates to near 50 percent.

Comprehensive List of Obama Tax Hikes
Which one of these tax hikes will destroy the most jobs?

Reid Rains on Vitter’s Saints Party

Red, White, and Partisan
How the Media Furor Over Bush’s War on Terror Vanished Under Obama

What the … ? Now Obama’s brother Abongo gets special treatment
President Obama’s half-brother, who runs a foundation that collects funds in the United States, was able to get approval of a tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service in an unheard-of time period of only a month, records reveal….

The “official” memorial on Sunday for the nearly 3,000 victims of radical Islamists on Sept. 11, 2001, will be nothing more than a “whitewash” of the enemy trying to bring America down, so another event is planned, and at that one, the truth will be told, according to one organizer….

Immigration’s Onslaught: Human Resistance and Constraints
The U.S. produces 4.5 billion gallons of ethanol per year. This uses 18 percent of the U.S. corn crop but the yield represents only one percent of U.S. petroleum use. If 100 percent of U.S. corn were used, the estimated ethanol yield would provide only about six percent of U.S. petroleum needs. As mentioned earlier, ethanol as a viable alternative remains a fantasy……

GERD: Symptoms, Causes and Remedies

Eerie Echoes of Chernobyl: Inside Fukushima’s Nuclear Ghost Town Abandoned By People Fleeing the Fallout

Who Serves During Disaster?

“As many any as 750,000 people could die as Somalia’s drought worsens in the coming months, the UN has warned, declaring a famine in a new area. The UN says tens of thousands of people have died after what is said to be East Africa’s worst drought for 60 years. Bay becomes the sixth area to be officially declared a famine zone – mostly in parts of southern Somalia controlled by the Islamist al-Shabab. Some 12 million people across the region need food aid, the UN says. The situation in the Bay region was worse than anything previously recorded, said senior UN’s technical adviser Grainne Moloney. “The rate of malnutrition [among children] in Bay region is 58%. This is a record rate of acute malnutrition,” she told journalists in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. This is almost double the rate at which a famine is declared. “In total, 4 million people are in crisis in Somalia, with 750,000 people at risk of death in the coming four months in the absence of adequate response,” the UN’s Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU) says.” …

Frank Gaffney: Where Are We, Ten Years After 9/11?

Alyssa Lappen at Family Security Matters: Shariah Lobby Shifts Into Fifth Gear



The State and Local Budget Crisis

Off to See the Wizard?

PlayStation Scam Makes FBI Warning List
Warnings have been posted online to beware of auction site phishing e-mail scams in general and the PlayStation scam specifically, according to the FBI.

President Obama continues to demonstrate his Islamic leanings as he is the star in a Palestinian ad!

CIA lawyer says Obama administration backed and continued virtually all Bush-era programs

Here We Go Again: Networks Back Obama ‘Replay’ on Infrastructure, Stimulus
President and media stuck on repeat, but ABC, CBS, NBC won’t admit it; argue for more money to fix roads, bridges

How Obama Can Save 120,000 Jobs Without Spending Money! By John Lillpop
That is because the New Orleans Saints take on the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field.
Are you ready for some football, America?
Oh, and before the start of the football game, President Obama is going to waste valuable television time trying to convince Congress and the American people that he has some magical formula for creating jobs….

Obama has No Intention of Ending Unemployment Rate, as his Criminal Actions Swell By Sher Zieve
Although we can’t say for certain—as we’ve learned over the past 3 degrading years with Obama that any ruse is possible—strong indications are that the dictator-in-chief’s upcoming “jobs” speech will be nothing more than part of the Obama 2012 campaign. In truth and fact, Obama has no intention of allowing the middle-class to ever have their former jobs back or to gain new comparable ones….

Conservative Activists Call for Hoffa Resignation, Congressional Rebuke

Obama Administration Cites Progress at the U.N., Slams Republican Critics

Former Captain USMC, FBI Officer, counter-terrorism expert and leader in the fight against Shariah in America John Guandolo joins Frank for a Secure Freedom Radio first: a musical edition highlighting Guandolo’s new song “America (Land of the Free).” Guandolo relates the powerful story of his work in the FBI in the weeks after 9/11 that provided the impetus to use his musical talents to pay tribute to America. “I do it because I believe this country is worth fighting for,” says Guandolo who, after a life-long career of service beginning from his graduation from the Naval Academy in 1989, is now partnering with Operation Restored Warrior to do “real work for real warriors.” A portion of the proceeds from his album, “Boats Against the Current,” will go towards Operation Restored Warrior, and John offers a special preview of his new song.

One sickened by McDonald’s fumes dies

Tarek Fatah: “PM Harper is Right About Islamofascism”

While the US military is being sent overseas in search of monsters to destroy, ignoring the good advice of the Founders, closer to home another war is brewing – right on the US-Mexican border. Border Patrol agent Brian A. Terry, killed on Dec. 21 near Rio Rico, Arizona, was murdered by drug cartel gunmen – using weapons smuggled across the US-Mexican border under the auspices of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF)….

Affirmative Action or Privilege?

Iranian TV Loves Soros Report on Islam

Fox News advocating weather modification; is it still a conspiracy theory?

Is Obama intent on Destroying America?
Most in our media and the wanna be GOP messiahs call the elegability folks names, “waste of time” “we have bigger fish to fry” and “we are annoying.” While the blood letting continues, we have a usurper in the White House who has committed a federal crime on April 27th by showing a forged birth certificate. Obama has revealed his original intent in his own books and well before he was elected President. He is a redistribution of wealth, Marxist/communist……

The Disastrous Yields of Socialism
No nation can survive a socialist transformation, least of all the United States; a nation that was founded on liberating constitutional principles and steeped in free market capitalism. It was a proud heritage and because of the opportunities that it offered the nation was populated by an industrious people the individuals of which labored diligently to build, arguably, the most historically powerful nation on earth. It used to be…….

Bold New Approach to Foreign Policy
Ronald Reagan is the only President in recent times to articulate a specific vision — i.e., “challenging Soviet expansionism and restoring the strength of, and respect for, the U.S. and its military,” to which the left predictably howled “Cowboy Diplomacy!” Today, candidate Ron Paul decries all forms of intervention, decrying what Thomas Jefferson described as “entangling alliances.” Given our present predicament, this view has……

Democratic Socialists of America Grows Like a Slow Tumor

Post’s “Top Secret America” Hides the Real Secrets



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