Thursday 18AUG11


Job 19:25-29 For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth: And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God: Whom I shall see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold, and not another; though my reins be consumed within me. But ye should say, Why persecute we him, seeing the root of the matter is found in me? Be ye afraid of the sword: for wrath bringeth the punishments of the sword, that ye may know there is a judgment.



Can yogic practices be integrated with the Christian faith?

Oh, L. A. The Kids are just having some good old fashioned fun! Don’t be a killjoy!

Black Veil Brides – Fallen Angels – YouTube

Caution – this video may be disturbing – to say the least – viewer discretion advised.


Noise Of Thunder Radio – The History Of Protestantism Part III – 8.17.11

Michael Nutter – Mayor of Philadelphia Church Speech Sunday August 7, 2011 “We will not tolerate ignorant, stupid, out-of-control behavior!” [PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS MAN!!! DAILY]

Download The Last Chronicles of Planet Earth Aug. 17, 2011 Edition by Frank DiMora pdf

“Come Out of Her, My People”

It is no hyperbole to say that the vast majority of today’s churches do not remotely resemble the New Testament pattern. In the first place, the Church was never intended to be a government corporation! Yet, that is exactly what every 501c3 non-profit “religious” organization is: it is a government-created corporation. In the eyes of the government, pastors, elders, and deacons are not pastors, elders, and deacons; they are corporate officers. And put to the test, virtually any and all of these so-called………

Will Boehner’s House Fund a Group That Kills 910 Babies Per Day?

Arizona Court Rules Against Planned Parenthood on Abortion Requirements

The Timing of the Rapture – Part One

The Timing of the Rapture – Part Two

Searching for the Truth on Origins 3


A police officer, whose anonymous blog has captivated thousands, tells of his shock, exhaustion and terror after confronting the mob.

Arab Spring: Coming to Free Jerusalem

Three Atlantic tropical storms in the making?

Fires, Drought Push Bears Into Cities

DEVELOPING: Ohio Business Owner Shot For Being Non-Union, Police Investigating

Senator Nancy Schaefer Discusses Abuses by Child Protective Services (Video)

The U.S. Postal Service Nears Collapse

Delivery of first-class mail is falling at a staggering rate. Facing insolvency, can the USPS reinvent itself like European services have—or will it implode?

Food prices near record peaks and volatility in commodity markets are driving the lives of the world’s poorest people to the edge of survival, the World Bank warned Monday. Global food prices in July were 33 percent higher than a year ago, while oil prices were up 45 percent, driving up the price of fertilizers, the development lender said in a quarterly report.” …

Looming food crisis in a rice against time

Smaller Crops Forecast by U.S. After Planting Delays, Heat Wave

Drinking water shortage in China drought

Why Karzai’s Exit Scares Afghans

Karzai’s allies say the president is losing his stomach for the job and won’t run again in 2014. Why the announcement is worrying Afghans.

When Facebook Gets Creepy

As a Facebook user, you may not even realize what you’re sharing and with whom. To see whose radar you might be showing up on thanks to your Facebook profile, read our story.

George Soros: Media Mogul – Lefty Businessman Spends Millions Funding Journalism

Top Journalists that Serve on Soros-Funded Boards of Directors or Advisers

From Christiane Amanpour at ABC to Jill Abramson at New York Times, billionaire has influence on prominent people in media

Foodborne Illnesses in America – Complex Factory Foods pose the Highest Risk

Rush Limbaugh: Where are Obama’s former girlfriends?

As the presidential campaign season begins to get into full swing, radio host Rush Limbaugh is again raising questions about President Barack Obama’s personal background, wondering where all of his former girlfriends, classmates and students are.

A potentially disastrous new threat is targeting Wall Street. Is it worse than anything Obama has already done to U.S. capitalism?

Social Security on super committee’s chopping block

The Meaning of CDC “Zombie Apocalypse” Part 2

“Zombie Apocalypse” isn’t simply about preparing you for the next emergency. It’s preparing your mind to access perceptions of fear and despair to encourage a submissive response. With the next national or global emergency, the real meaning of the CDC’s “Zombie Apocalypse” will become apparent as new efforts will be made to force us to accept further government interventions, more loss of freedom, and more dangerous vaccines……

Those Who Live by the Race Card Die by the Race Card

Due to Obama’s declining poll numbers, Democrat tongues loosened by cocktails at parties are quietly suggesting, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could primary Obama out with Hillary? Darn it, we can’t because Obama is black!” I say, “Hallelujah — a perfect example of divine justice.” They who live by the race card die by the race card. Almost three years ago, the Democrats offered their equivalent of a Trojan Horse to America in the form of a shiny, new…….

Obama’s Treaty by Executive Order

One of the jobs of the President of the United States is to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…” (Art. 2, Section 3 Const.) However, when the President crosses over into creating law or directing the executive branch to act where no law has been authorized then the president has usurped power he does not have and thus has enacted an unconstitutional law – as I will show Barack Obama has done. Article 1 of the Constitution vests all legislative power in the Congress. This means that…..

PETA to launch .xxx smut site ‘to help animals’

Another Al-Jazeera Journalist Suspected of Terror Ties

White House Mischief

Analysis: India risks facing its own Arab Spring

Tarek Fatah names three members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House

Secretary of State Clinton says State Department will coordinate with OIC on legal ways to implement UN’s resolution criminalizing “defamation of religion”

Tea Party Bust

The $1.1 million, made-in-Canada road hog taking Obama on his first bus tour in office may have painted out windows and come with state-of-the art Secret Service added features. But unlike Marine 1, which flew him over more than one million Tea Party members on 9/12, the top-of-the line bus model used by major traveling rock bands, finally brought Barack Obama face-to-face with the people he’s managed to dodge for more than two years….

The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families

HSBC: The World’s Dirtiest Bank

Twisted web of lies in Godboldo Case: Big Pharma, multiple agencies, judge, DHS all profit from child abduction

Before the Lights Go Out: A Survey of EMP Preparedness Reveals Significant Shortfalls

BART Pulls a Mubarak in San Francisco

Obama Announces New Rural Economic Plan During Midwest Bus Tour

Philadelphia Public-Safety Expo Features Drone Surveillance Tech



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