Saturday 06AUG11


1Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing.



From Oprah to Oz – And Beyond—By T.A. McMahon

Miley Cyrus and Gay Marriage—By Ken Silva

Jesus, Mary and … Josephine? It’s lesbian Nativity at church
The Bible’s account of the night Jesus was born is noted for some well-known characters at the Bethlehem manger, including the baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and some shepherds following the instructions of an angel.
The famous wise men were not present, as they showed up later when Jesus was a young child in a house.
And as far as the New Testament indicates, there weren’t any lesbians there either.
Now a Christian church in America’s heartland is helping redefine the story, as its most-recent living Nativity scene in December featured two women instead of a man and a women starring as Joseph and Mary….

Texas Widow Pieces Life Back Together After Death of Missionary Husband

Are we all worshipping the same God

The Shout and the Trumpet

Chrislam – the bottom of the slide

Targeting America’s Morality and Freedom – The Law and Agenda
Alan Keyes has been an outstanding and outspoken conservative for many years, steadfastly proclaiming the need for America to return to its founding principles or face certain destruction. Alan brings his uncomproming stand to the radio program and urges Christians to save our nation before it is too late.


Prepare, Pray, and Act

Evidence For The Progressive Cabal In The United States Military

During the next few months, Washington plans to host a coordination meeting to discuss with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) how to implement resolution no. 16/18 on combating defamation of religions, and how to prevent stereotypes depicting religions and their followers; as well as disseminating religious tolerance [sic], which has been endorsed by the UN Human Rights Council last March, in agreement with Western countries….


China Wants to Build City – in Idaho

Solar flares may impact communications this weekend

United States loses AAA credit rating from S&


US Postal Service warns it could default

The latest on Lt. Michael Behenna: Denied fair trial

Obama mama promised U.S. to homeschool son. Instead signed up ‘Barry’ as Muslim in Indonesia’s own education system

Carlos Slim, the world’s richest man, lost about $6.7 billion this week.

Lost world: Scenes from North Korea’s closed society

New Fee to Bank Cash

Market Tumble [A MUST VIEW]

Dow Drops 500 on Obama’s Birthday

My First Speech As Governor of Ohio

My first duty, however, is to our Creator. I know that He will hold me accountable for how I govern. Now that I now preside over the executive office of the state of Ohio, He will hold me responsible for executing the laws of this state and protecting the God-given rights of all Ohioans through the administration of justice. That obligation weighs heavy on me right now for your state government has, for several decades, failed to do its duty……

Costly U.S. Power Grid Tests Approved Without Public Consent
The CBS report did not specify who approved this test. This test will begin without public consent, substantial public notice or public debate in mid-July 2011. This test could disrupt so many businesses, state and local governments, and other government agencies, that it could quickly become a National Security nightmare and a massive public headache……..

The Great Rawesome Food Raid of 2011

And now by the power vested in us, by the cracked and shattered Constitution of the United States of America, we arrest you. You have the right to remain astonished. You have the right to defend yourselves against an army of prosecutors. You have the right to speak along the narrow channel of what regulations permit you to enter as evidence……

America has been financially betrayed – again
Most the Republicans caved in. 174 of them voted to raise the debt ceiling to the highest in U.S. history. Only 66 Republicans voted no. Already folks are arguing and reporting different amounts as to this horrific increase, but it starts at 2.6 trillion and jumps in other conversations to 4 trillion and even 7 trillion. The bottom line is the debt ceiling has entered a ‘fright ride’ at the ‘political theme park’, of endless increases that will continue until the financial train soars off the track and crashes in a thousand bloody pieces……

America’s Somalia Wake-Up Call
Somalia’s famine has killed 29,000 children under the age of 5 and left three million starving, but the U.S. government is now taking steps to cut the snarl of red tape blocking food and humanitarian help from reaching the drought-stricken nation. As previously reported in The Daily Beast, an ill-defined law made it difficult for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to send much needed aid. Eliza Griswold on the U.S.’s decision to start waging a full-blown fight against the famine….

“Horrifying images of bodies and limbs floating in the Orontes River in Hama were aired by Syrian state television early Thursday, Aug. 4. Contrary to official claims that they belonged to Syrian soldiers torn to pieces by protesters, debkafile reports they are the victims of Syrian tank fire and ZU-23 automatic anti-aircraft artillery trained on residential buildings and streets in the last 48 hours as the dead pile up in the streets. Citizens cowering in their homes are throwing the dead out of windows and off roofs into the river. They are reliving the terrors of the massacre President Bashar Assad’s father inflicted on this city of half-a-million in 1982 which left 30,000 dead. Our sources report that the Syrian ruler decided to take advantage of three events for unleashing an all-out assault against rebellious Hama:”…

Obama Foodorama – White House Food Initiatives, From Policy To Pie

Scientists find new superbug strain of salmonella

Hidden Agenda: The “Debt Crisis Plan” was to Strike a Blow at the National Social Safety Net

8 Reasons Young Americans Don’t Fight Back: How the US Crushed Youth Resistance

Bombshell: U.S. government questioned Obama citizenship. Said it lacked documents to determine birth country

Half a Million Troops Could Seal the Southwest Border, Says Border Protection Chief

TSA staff at LAX undergoing transgender training

Mass executions in Hama’s main square as Syrian resistance mounts

Obama Administration to Assist Foreigners to Create Jobs in US

Mystery Roadkill Prompts DNR Investigation

Food stamp use rises to record 45.8 million

Obama Blames Arab Springs And Tsunami In Japan For Slower Growth

Whether It Is The Terror Crisis Or The Debt Crisis, The Solution Is Always A Super Dictatorship

The Death of Super Tuesday?

How the Recent Debt Ceiling Law Affects Gun Owners

Obama’s only policy

Low Flying Helicopters Over Boston For Urban Warfare Military Exercise As Military Movements Continue To Increase

Education Funding v. Reform

Un filtered News

Chained up with the dog: The Chinese boy kept as slave by uncle



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