Weekend 23JUL11


Prov 16:16 “How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! and to get understanding rather to be chosen than silver!”



The Ways of God – The Desert Experience




Elenin Comet (Dwarf Star)

Walnuts Are Drugs, Says FDA


The Marxist-Leninist Roots of Arab “Resistance”


Ask the President: What are you going to do with $181 Billion Dollars if you’re not paying bills?

‘Sustainable Development’ Explained


Study: U.S. Marshals suited to be ‘Stability Police’ in U.S.

Suggests beefing up capacity, management for ‘civilian tasks’

‘Nazi’-cop town ‘firing’ officers, stops paying mayor

Arizona opens probe as national interest into corruption heats up

Disaster management: Be Prepared and Arme
I’m noticing a great many articles appearing which encourage citizen preparedness for widespread emergency. Many of these seminars are well-intentioned, but they are lacking several vital ingredients. Many of these are Physician-led lectures, and they lack the same vital ingredients. The main thrust of any dependable household preparedness plan will arise from acceptance of the fact that assets will not reach them for days to weeks. Most programs do not mention citizen authority to act in the absence of…..

Winning the Nutrition Wars
If you’re a consumer of nutritional supplements, write to or call those companies you buy from and ask them directly what they plan to do about this attack. Demand answers. And don’t settle for “our lobbyists and trade organizations handle this for us.” That’s like saying “we have no answer.” Make it clear that as someone who spends dollars on their products, you expect action now—otherwise, you’ll take your business elsewhere……..

Will the American people get the budget egg on their face?

How do you make a debt ceiling compromise based on total, fraudulent numbers and lies? First you get the liars out of the House, Senate and White House, then start telling the truth about our REAL debt and budget needs. I am exploring a Presidential run as a conservative Independent, nothing special, just a woman who has ideas and cares about her country. You can see all my ideas in my book out by the end of July, ‘The People’s President’ Look for it first in http://www.amazon.com then your local book stores……

Dr. Coburn on Doing What is Right by Passing Cut, Cap & Balance, and Back in Black (pt. 1)

Dr. Coburn on Doing What is Right Rather than Popular, Back in Black (pt 2)

Hezbollah On the Border

Clinton Welcomes South China Sea Guidelines


HR Bill 1505 allows for DHS takeover of seashores and coastal areas

<a href="http://www.lossofprivacy.com/index.php/2011/07/hr-bill-1505-allows-for-dhs-takeover-of-seashores-and-coastal-areas/ “>http://www.lossofprivacy.com/index.php/2011/07/hr-bill-1505-allows-for-dhs-takeover-of-seashores-and-coastal-areas/

U.S. Urges U.N. Security Council to Make ‘Climate Change’ A Priority

Obama: Cut Defense Spending Before Food Stamps


Elaine Donnelly, President of the Center for Military Readiness, details the fraudulent inspector general report for the Department of Defense on implementing the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” in which a foregone conclusion was made. Donnelly asserts that the study was fixed to comply with the Administration’s agenda for a “San Francisco Military,” when in actuality our forces are not in favor of repeal, nor ready. She also explains what effects the repeal may have on retention and effectiveness of the military, particularly in the Middle East, where homosexuality is punishable by death. How’s that for a recruitment tool? Next, Congressman Frank Wolf, representing Virginia’s 10th district, addresses concerns for the Transportation Security Administration’s lack of cohesiveness in its management. As Directors shuffle in and out every several years, the TSA lacks the organization to establish a legitimate policy. The TSA recently introduced its fifth Administrator in nine years, and Wolf says it is time for new Director John Pistole to take the reins and establish an enduring strategy. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, Founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, joins Frank to discuss his mission for the “separation of mosque and state,” as political Islam has hijacked the Muslim religion. Jasser stresses that the Muslim Brotherhood is not reflective of all Muslims, but also the importance for moderates, like him, to be ardent in vocalizing their stance against radical Islam. Zuhdi also explains how the Obama Administration’s “Big Tent” approach is inadequate in its Counterterrorism strategy, and instead should clearly identify the abhorrent extremist ideology and then align with those who also reject it. Finally, Washington Times Columnist Bill Gertz demonstrates his expertise from “Inside the Ring,” as he reports on China’s development of an Electromagnetic Pulse weapon, which may be in preparation for a land invasion of Taiwan. Gertz also informs on the CIA’s approach to Iran’s nuclear program and the proposed defense cuts to military benefits, and what that means for an all-volunteer force.

Rick Perry’s comment which we noted earlier – that the New York gay marriage law set to take effect on Sunday is “their business” but that he’s fine with it – comes as part of his states-rights sell, which would be a strong basis of his candidacy


A Thousand Pictures Is Worth One Word


We Don’t Need No Stinking Amendment


2011: A DMV Odyssey


What is ALEC?

ALEC is not a lobby; it is not a front group. It is much more powerful than that. Through ALEC, behind closed doors, corporations hand state legislators the changes to the law they desire that directly benefit their bottom line. Along with legislators, corporations have membership in ALEC. Corporations sit on all nine ALEC task forces and vote with legislators to approve “model” bills. They have their own corporate governing board which meets jointly with the legislative board. (ALEC says that corporations do not vote on the board.) Corporations fund almost all of ALEC’s operations. Participating legislators, overwhelmingly conservative Republicans, then bring those proposals home and introduce them in statehouses across the land as their own brilliant ideas and important public policy innovations—without disclosing that corporations crafted and voted on the bills. ALEC boasts that it has over 1,000 of these bills introduced by legislative members every year, with one in every five of them enacted into law. ALEC describes itself as a “unique,” “unparalleled” and “unmatched” organization. We agree. It is as if a state legislature had been reconstituted, yet corporations had pushed the people out the door….

Israel’s Premier Opportunist


Obama could be removed by his own signature




Mystery of TWA Flight 800 Persists, 15 Years Later


CAIR Regularly Slams America on Iranian TV

Education Reporting Gets Boost


Sharia Law and Polygamy in America


ECHELON: The Global Eavesdropping Scheme

2011 JULY 16 – 22



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