Jude 1:6-8 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities.

Are YOU Saved? “ASK JESUS INTO YOUR HEART” http://www.revivalschool.com/ask.html



Matthew 19:17 And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, GOD: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.

Matthew 19:17 “Why do you ask me about what is good?” Jesus replied. “There is only One who is good. If you want to enter life, obey the commandments.”



-by Wayne Greulich.
A number of people have decried the Pentecostal/ Charismatic
movement as being the doorway through which the current
corruption has entered the modern church. There is an element
of truth in this, but it is not entirely accurate….

Saddleback’s Response to Criticism Over Daniel Plan: An Unscriptural Paradox!—Lighthouse Trails

Recently, Saddleback Church issued a statement in response to criticism it has received regarding the use of Dr. Oz, Dr. Hyman, and Dr. Amen for their highly popularized Daniel Plan. All three doctors have helped Rick Warren create a health plan that will not only be used by Saddleback but by Purpose Driven churches worldwide. Potentially, millions of people across the globe could be introduced to this New Age-inspired health plan through Saddleback Church. Rick Warren says that some major grocery chains may begin to carry Daniel Plan foods….

The Money God—By Anton Bosch
“God wants you to be rich, healthy and happy. If you have financial problems just become a Christian and all your problems will go away. Believers can get anything they wish from God by planting seeds in the form of cash. Every dollar you give God, He repays ten or a hundred fold.” …

“Love Wins?” a Critique of Rob Bell’s New Book—By Marcia Montenegro
Bell claims that “God’s very essence” is love (p. 177), and is “an endless giving circle of joy and creativity” (p. 179), the latter a description that gives this writer a flashback into the New Age! Bell also seems upset that God has any wrath at all, and he presents a distorted view of the Biblical picture of God’s wrath (pp. 182-184). …

Christians begin to flee Egypt

(Christian News Today) A growing number of Egypt’s 8-10 million Coptic Christians are looking for a way to get out as Islamists increasingly take advantage of the nationalist revolution …

A federal appeals court today tossed a challenge to the legality of the National Day of Prayer, saying that the plaintiffs apparently were complaining because they were observing “conduct with which they disagree,” and that does not make a federal case.
“Hurt feelings differ from legal injury,” the court concluded.

Elam/Iran in the Latter Days: Update

Jaybird and his stories, Savior, Messiah, Son of Man
Easter Hands


Will Arab Protests Hasten Psalm 83 & Ezekiel 38?

By Bill Salus
Following closely behind the 2010 pullout of American boots on the ground in Iraq, the first quarter of 2011 experienced an unprecedented period of Arab Protests. Even today’s top eschatologists are asking who opened up Pandora’s Box in the Middle East. Like California wildfires, these Arab protests have spread out of control across the region.
Chronologically ordering the protests, which have often morphed into revolts, helps achieve a greater understanding of where Mideast events could be heading

e-Prophecies – Techno-talk about Bible Prophecy
This week on Prophecy Update host, Bill Salus, interviews Nathan Jones about the prophetic implications of today’s technologies. Nathan is the Webminister of Lamb and Lion Ministries founded by Dr. David Reagan. Nathan is a wizard when it comes to understanding the Internet and Social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

In this fascinating interview Nathan Jones illustrates to the listeners how Daniel 12:4 predicted the information age would come in the end times. Furthermore, he articulates how Christians can use today’s technologies to advance the Kingdom of God….

FROM THE BEREAN CALL:Search the Scriptures Daily Programs for this week:

Cover Article
What Is the Prayer of Faith?

Religion in the News
Dream Teams at the Winter Olympics

Contending for the Faith
Are We Under the Law Or Not?

Understanding the Scriptures
How Did Jesus Pass Through Their Midst?




Walter Breuning in the 2011 Legacies Photo Gallery Enlarged Photo
GREAT FALLS, Mont. (AP) – Walter Breuning’s earliest memories stretched back 111 years, before home entertainment came with a twist of the radio dial. They were of his grandfather’s tales of killing Southerners in the Civil War….

Tell Congress to Stop Lying and Start Cutting The Congressional Budget Office says there are NO budget cuts


In 1948, George Orwell wrote “1984.” In his magnificently prophetic portrayal of a futuristic world, much like the world we live in today, he makes a number of profoundly factual statements. I’I will share many in this article: “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” A word’s definition cannot be changed; however, by deviously clever design, the implications certainly…..

There will never be a balanced budget under Obama

Well, he did it again. This week we saw Obama throw out a sea of emotional distractions, lies and campaign rhetoric on his latest budget speech. It couldn’t have been more shallow and full of kiss up to the far left base. The partisan and conservative attacks were telling and predictable. After all, the Republicans want ‘children with autism or Down’s syndrome’ to be pitted against ‘every millionaire and billionaire in our…….

Coverage of Pew Prison Study Stinks
In language designed to alarm viewers, the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric reported on Wednesday night that the U.S. has the world’s largest prison population—more than two million people behind bars—and that a Pew study says it is costing states more than $50 billion a year. But what Couric and national correspondent Jim Axelrod failed to point out is that more prisons have equaled less crime. In other words, the policy is…..

‘Why do we let them dress like that?”
— Dr. Karen Gushta
Holiness and purity go hand in hand. When Christians seek holiness, we will not let our daughters dress like prostitutes, and we will be diligent in teaching them about purity….

Occupying Army in Alaska
Writes James Pizzadili:
On a remote stretch of the Yukon River in Alaska, 71-year-old gold miner Jim Wilde was headed upriver on a moose hunting trip with his wife Hannelore and friend Jim Shenk. When they spotted an apparently disabled boat drifting in the current and waving for assistance, they approached to see if they could help. What Wilde found were two aggressive, violent park rangers who wanted to perform a “safety inspection” on his heavily loaded boat while drifting in the middle of the turbulent, fast-moving river. As can be expected, things went downhill from there, with the feds threatening the party with pistol and shotgun and with Wilde being physically assaulted, cuffed, and packed off to jail over a hundred miles away in Fairbanks….

Remembering the real Ayn Rand
(Wall Street Journal) The author of “Atlas Shrugged” was an individualist, not a conservative, and she knew big business was as much a threat to capitalism as government bureaucrats …

Libya: All About Oil, or All About Banking
By Ellen Brown

Five Common Windows Mistakes You Should Avoid
I love to watch experts using a PC as I often pick up some nifty tricks just by observing the way they work.
By contrast watching beginners (or even average users) can be painful as they often do things so inefficiently that it makes me wince. Not wince because they are doing something wrong but rather because they are making life so much harder for themselves by not making good use of Windows inbuilt productivity features.
Here are the five of the most common inefficient Windows practices and how some tips how to avoid them. There’s nothing here of interest to experienced or expert users but everyone else will just love these tips….

Australia, US, EU stoke fears over parched wheat
US farm officials have warned of a “critical” need for rain for winter wheat, while fears are growing for Australia’s main grain state, as dryness emerges as an increasing threat to hopes for a jump in world wheat production….

Wheat Crop Devastated By Extreme Oklahoma Drought


Flooding closes 30-mile stretch of I-29 north of Fargo

This community just north of Fargo was the scene of two water rescues Sunday as flooding in the area forced the closing of 31 miles of Interstate 29 and prompted officials in nearby Harwood and Casselton to the southwest to halt water use. Open the article or use the accompanying links to see video of the flooding on Interstate 29 and in the Harwood, N.D., area….

Texas wildfires destroy homes, buildings

(Reuters) – Wildfires scorched more than 230,000 acres in Texas on Sunday, roaring through a West Texas town, destroying an estimated 80 homes and buildings and critically injuring a firefighter….

Plains Driest Since Dust Bowl: Problem for US, Globe


U.S. Groups Played Secret Role in Mideast Uprisings

Maybe it doesn’t take an invasion to bring democracy to the Middle East: A small group of government-financed democracy-building organizations had a bigger role in sparking the uprisings across the region than previously known. Compared to the billions of dollars the Pentagon has poured into the Middle East in support of American policy, these groups had almost no funding, but they played an outsize role in training pro-democracy dissident leaders in campaigning, social media
organization, and election monitoring.
Two groups, the International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute, are loosely affiliated with their namesake political parties, and Freedom House is a Washington-based non-profit human-rights group. All receive grants from Congress or the State Department, and trained leaders in Egypt, Bahrain,
and Yemen. Young Egyptians active in the uprisings this spring also attended a technology conference in New York sponsored by Facebook, Google, MTV, Columbia Law School, and the State Department. “We didn’t fund them to start protests, but we did help support their development of skills and networking,” said the director of another D.C.-based democracy group. “It was their revolution.” …

Networks Ignore Story of Canadian Baby Saved from Government-Run Health Car
The network newscasts and morning shows have thus far ignored the story of Joseph Maraachli, a Canadian baby who was set to have his life support removed. Only Fox News has covered the dramatic transfer of the child on Monday to an American hospital for treatment. The child suffers from a neurological disease and is in a vegetative state. According to Fox News, “Doctors in Canada said the illness is irreversible and wanted to remove the breathing tube. His parents appealed to Canadian courts, but the hospital’s decision was upheld.”

Obama’s ineligibility and Republican eunuchs
By Lawrence Sellin
It is difficult to imagine a more obvious scam and a more pliable group of suckers.
Of course, Republicans have always known that Barack Hussein Obama is ineligible to be President.
Unfortunately, many Republicans have spent so much time in the hallways of power and in TV studios; they now mistake cowardice for statesmanship. The love for their lifestyle has outgrown their respect for the oath of office, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.
The explanation of Obama’s ineligibility is so simple that even a liberal could understand it….

Stink-a-roos on the Obama eligibility front
By Judi McLeod
Barry Soetoro Obama’s 2012 campaign swung into high gear yesterday with blazing guns all aimed at killing off the eligibility debate.
Neither boob-tube celebrity seemed the least rattled for appearing to be unleashed in the Shut Down the Eligibility Argument at about the same time as Obama’s sister Maya Soetoro-Ng, was being treated to a Susan Boyle Britain’s Got Talent type love-in by Piers Morgan over at CNN….

Lining the ‘caves’ of education and government!
By A.J. Cameron
Prior to attacking Pearl Harbor, the Japanese prepared long and well for waging an extended war against the United States. In building its military complex to support this war effort, among the chief actions taken by the Japanese was the ingenious manner in which they lined the caves in the labyrinth of islands throughout the Pacific Ocean. Once engaged in war, these caves made it very difficult for our American military to extricate the entrenched Japanese warriors from these quarters, costing many U. S. military lives. The American Progressives have adapted this strategy in lining the ‘caves’ of education and government, using our own system of government against us. It is going to be a gruesome war to extricate them from their caves of power….

Rand Paul tears a strip off Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency, Kathleen Hogan

This Weekend’s “PowerShift 2011”: Organizing for Socialism?
It is hard to keep up with the nonstop deluge of radical weekend retreats and workshops coming from the far left progressives these days. This weekend’s special event, Power Shift 2011, is billed as the largest organizer training session in history, with over 10,000 youth activists anticipated.

Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters.org has already highlighted some of the very special keynote speakers including Van Jones, Al Gore, and the EPA’s Lisa Jackson. Noel also highlighted some of the questionable instructors and workshops led by representatives of the International Socialists….

Turkey’s cautionary tale
Today’s Turkey is a cautionary tale for the West. But Western leaders are loath to consider its lessons.
Ever since Turkey’s Islamist Justice and Development AKP party under Recip Tayip Erdogan won the November 2002 elections, Western officials have upheld the AKP, Erdogan and his colleagues as proof that political Islam is consonant with democratic values. During Erdogan’s June 2005 visit to the White House, for instance, then-president George W. Bush praised Turkish democracy as “an important example for the people in the broader Middle East.” …

The Audacity of Sleep
During Wednesday’s big speech, just as President Obama laid into Rep. Ryan’s Medicare reform proposal, Vice President Joe Biden skirmished with the Sandman. Zzzzz.
Obama wasn’t boring, though. He had a theme.
As he saw it, the Republicans’ “pessimistic” vision is of an “America [that] can’t afford to keep the promise we’ve made for our seniors” or “invest in education or clean energy” or fix “our roads” or afford to do all the cool things done by South Korea, Brazil, and China….

Artificial Brain Designer And Transhumanist Hugo De Garis Says So-Called ‘Friendly AI’ Is A Dangerous Delusion: Sees Massively Intelligent And Godlike Machines Just Around The Corner . . .
They Are Bringing Hell With Them I’m known for predicting that later this century, there will be a terrible war over the issue of species dominance. More specifically, it will be fought over whether humans should build artilects (artificial intellects), which could become so vastly superior to human beings in intellectual capacity that they may end up treating us as grossly inferior pests, wiping us out. I anticipate billions of casualties resulting from the conflict over the artilect question. To combat this horrible scenario, the Singularity Institute in Silicon Valley has been set up to ensure that the above scenario does not occur. The Institute’s principal theorist, Eliezer Yudkowsky, has coined the term “Friendly AI,” which he defines essentially as intelligent machines designed to remain friendly to humans, even as they modify themselves to attain higher levels of intelligence. I will present a set of arguments which refute this vision…. I think that the more ardent of the Cosmists (the ideological group which wants to build artilects, viewing themselves as god builders) will argue that their main goal is to build artilects that are trillions of trillions of times above human intelligence levels – immortal creations thinking a million times faster than humans which possess unlimited memory, the ability to alter their shape and architecture in milliseconds…. These Cosmists would prefer that the artilects be built even if humans get wiped out in the process….

Splicing & Dicing The Nest Step In Evolution Though the transformation of man to this posthuman condition is in its fledgling state, complete integration of the technology necessary to replace existing Homo sapiens as the dominant life-form on earth is approaching Kurzweil’s exponential curve....

Obama’s favorite gangsters convicted again
(Matthew Vadum, Washington Times) ACORN, the radical left-wing activist group, was convicted in a massive voter-fraud conspiracy. It has been committing identify theft for decades …

New Trojan Locks Windows, Racks Up Phone Charges

Windows users are being targeted by a new scam that extorts money through long-distance telephone calls, racking up heavy charges. After a victim mistakenly downloads and installs a Trojan onto their …

White House draft bill expands DHS cyber responsibilities
Under a White House plan, the Homeland Security Department will have far-reaching oversight over all civilian agency computer networks.
The proposal would codify much of the administration’s memo from July 2010 expanding DHS’s cyber responsibilities for civilian networks.
The White House, however, is taking those responsibilities further, according to a source familiar with the document. The administration drafted a legislative proposal to give DHS many, if not all, of the same authorities for the .gov networks that the Defense Department has for the .mil networks….

South Fla. customs stops 5 pests never seen in US
The Associated Press
MIAMI — Customs inspectors in Miami have intercepted five pests that had never been seen before in the U.S. during this year’s first three months.
The list includes a longhorn beetle found in railroad ties from Argentina, a leafhopper in a mint shipment from Colombia and a moth in a container of fresh okra from Honduras.
The bugs were found by Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists at Miami International Airport and Port Everglades in Broward County.


Raising Taxes is a Very Old, Very Bad Idea

By Alan Caruba
The absurdity of raising taxes in the midst of a recession that increasingly looks and feels like a depression only underscores the Democrat’s historic and failed policies from the past; the same ones they continue to push these days.

In “New Deal or Raw Deal? How FDR’s Economic Legacy has Damaged America”, historian Burton Folsom, Jr., examined the many ways the Great Depression was prolonged and deepened. In his first week in office, Roosevelt took America off the gold standard and “issued an executive order, under penalty of a fine or a prison term, forcing Americans to surrender all their gold to the U.S. government in return for paper dollars.” …

Catholic Schools Invite Heresy

Malcolm A. Kline
Catholic high school graduates hoping to continue their education in institutions of higher learning affiliated with the Mother Church might be surprised by what they find. “University of Detroit Mercy, a Catholic college, is coming under criticism for hosting pro-abortion censured theologian Daniel Maguire, who delivered a lecture at the Jesuit University on April 7,” Steve Ertelt reported on lifenews.com April 13, 2011. “The title of his lecture was ‘The Gender Justice Revolution: How Feminism Builds Bridges Between Genders, Races, Sexual Orientations, Classes and Nations,’ and it’s not a surprising one given his position in favor of abortion.” …

Obama Hosts Boss of Terror Channel Al-Jazeera
By Cliff Kincaid
In fact, Qatar is a dictatorship with no freedom of the press.
President Obama on Thursday hosted Emir Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani of Qatar, otherwise known as the Boss of Al-Jazeera, for a meeting in the Oval Office. Obama called him “Your Highness” and “His Highness,” even though the Emir dropped his robes of royalty for a business suit. Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani financially sponsors Al-Jazeera and its most famous personality, anti-American and anti-Semitic cleric Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who has just returned to Egypt from Qatar to supervise the transformation of that one-time U.S. ally into an Islamic state….

America’s Tax-Cheating Politicians
More than 3,000 federal tax crimes were referred for prosecution in 2010, and a few of them happened to have an elected official as the defendant. With Tax Day coming up, The Daily Beast scours the records to find whether Democrats or Republicans have the worse tax problem….

Unions, Protests and the Collapse of the U.S. Economy, Part 2
One hundred UAW members effectively shut down a Detroit bank for an hour and half; Eighty striking Pocono Medical Center workers and SEIU members fill a bank lobby in Stroudsburg, PA to demand a meeting with its CEO, intimidating employees in the process; Over 200 arrested in violent labor protests in London; Grocery stores stormed; Demonstrators angrily protesting at homes of targeted business management. Could these seemingly separate events actually be part of a massive agenda? On the…..

The Secret Cabal, Part 8
Are you prepared for the difficult period that lies ahead? If you want to survive the coming turmoil, you must understand the origin of the bloody conflicts of the twentieth century because “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Why is the information important today? It’s important because the covert movement that precipitated the Boer War, World War I, the Russian Revolution, World War II, the Communist takeover of China, the Korean War, the Communist takeover in…….

10 Natural Remedies for Gas
by Edward Group
Intestinal gas is an embarrassing and annoying situation that many people experience on a regular basis. Gas and bloating is, perhaps, one of the main health concerns that human beings living in the Western world complain of.

In fact, estimates show that with poor dietary habits we expel gas at least 14 times a day. That adds up to almost 4 pints of air daily! But, while these statistics may be the “norm,” it is certainly not a healthy balance. What can we do about all this excess air? Below is a list of a few of my favorite remedies for gas and bloating….

Five Must-Do Summer Checks

The Barry Bonds Verdict: The Most Expensive ‘Obstruction of Justice’ Conviction in U.S. History

by Roger Roots
On Wednesday, after four days of deliberations, a jury of twelve San Franciscans convicted baseball slugger Barry Bonds of one count of “obstruction of justice” while deadlocking on three federal perjury counts. So ends one of the most expensive – and by far one of the most trivial – federal trials in U.S. history. The crime of “obstruction of justice,” a catch-all offense defined as “an attempt to interfere” with the judicial system, was apparently applied to Bonds because his approach to grand jury inquiries regarding prior steroid use had been less than appropriately groveling or confessional. Bonds remains innocent of any offense directly implicating him in the use of steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs….

Jesse Ventura on the TSA’s Sexual Abusers



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