Verse of the Day (KJV)

Colossians 3:17 And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.




Mat 15:18 But THOSE things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.

THOSE, pron. s as z. plu. of that; as those men; those temples. When those and these are used in reference to two things or collections of things, those refers to the first mentioned,as these does to the last mentioned. [See These, and the example there given.]

Mat 15:18 But THE things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and these make a man ‘unclean.’

THE, an adjective or definitive adjective.

1. This adjective is used as a definitive, that is, before nouns which are specific or understood; or it is used to limit their signification to a specific thing or things, or to describe them; as the laws of the twelve tables. The independent tribunals of justice in our country, are the security or private rights,and the best bulwark against arbitrary power. The sun is the source of light and heat.



“Defile not ye yourselves in any of these things: for in all these the nations are defiled which I cast out before you:” Lev 18:24
People often say that the God of the New Testament is a God of mercy and love, but the God of the Old Testament is vengeful and angry. Consider the fate of the Canaanites. The LORD didn’t just tell the Israelites to take over the Promised Land. He had them destroy all the people, young and old, male and female. He even had them kill off all the animals (Deut 20:16-17; Josh 6:21-23). Later in 1 Samuel, the LORD tells Saul to absolutely destroy the Amalekites and all they had…..


All-Seeing Eye Surveillance, Part 1
Satan can only counterfeit what God does effortlessly because Satan is not God. This is why Satan needs the advanced technological surveillance system spreading throughout nations all over the world – so he can control all people during the Tribulation period. Michael Hoggard brings the latest developments in this New World Order surveillance system.


Sounds You Don’t Want To Hear: Failing Hard Drives

Hard drive sounds


Bloomberg Is Sued Over City’s Handgun Permit Fee

Over 700 Infected with Swine Flu in Venezuela — 8 Dead
With 6 dead and over 700 cases in just the last two weeks, the rapidly rising numbers are leading experts to think that the latest outbreak could kill more than the 131 who died in the original 2009 emergence.

‘Israel using int’l climate to abandon two-state solution’

Secretary-General of Egypt’s Amal Party Magdi Hussein said confronting Israeli plans in occupied Palestine and supporting the Palestinian nation stand atop his agenda for presidential campaign.

Obama had set a September goal for some kind of Middle East agreement. With Palestinians now weighing the declaration of a state, Israel’s Shimon Peres has much to discuss at the White House.

The head of the United Nations’ World Food Programme says a severe drought, high food prices and conflict have left more than five million people hungry across the Horn of Africa.

“CAMERON – April showers may be the only chance for corn, cotton, row crops, home gardens and May flowers. The National Weather Service reported that for the first time in more than two years, the entire state is in at least the abnormally dry category, and 43 percent is in extreme drought, the greatest extent since the 2005-06 dry spell with October 2010 to March among the driest on record in Texas. Milam and Bell counties are experiencing moderate to extreme drought conditions, said Dr. Travis Miller, Texas A&M University associated head for soil and crop sciences and AgriLife Extension program leader in College Station”

More news concerning prices going up!

Prices of farm commodities surged after it emerged stocks of corn for the year ahead will be 15% lower in the US, putting further pressure on an already constrained supply chain and exerting a renewed squeeze on its end cost.
Farmers might be looking to plug this shortfall over the near-term but their efforts are sure to be thwarted by ballooning demands. Makers of alternative energies could well require access to larger amounts of soft commodities and grains, particularly if the appetite for nuclear falls away as expected in the wake of the crisis in Japan. Moreover, supply fears are being compounded by the continued MENA unrest and over the next 12 months the world’s population is set to make an inevitable lurch to 7 billion.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Soaring food costs are giving Americans sticker shock at the grocery store, and consumers are responding by getting crafty with their saving strategies. Approximately 99 percent of U.S. adults are aware of rising food prices, and the vast majority (95 percent) plans to employ at least one savings strategy at the grocery store as a result, according to a new survey conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by
The survey found that incorporating coupons was the most popular planned activity to offset rising food prices, cited by nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of U.S. adults. This strategy was followed by other budget-stretching actions, including comparing unit prices of package sizes (71 percent) and shopping at discount grocery stores (66 percent). The study also identified other planned behavior, including stocking up when items reach rock-bottom prices (64 percent) and buying in bulk (57 percent), among others….

The ozone layer has seen unprecedented damage in the Arctic this winter due to cold weather in the upper atmosphere.
By the end of March, 40% of the ozone in the stratosphere had been destroyed, against a previous record of 30%.
The ozone layer protects against skin cancer, but the gas is destroyed by reactions with industrial chemicals….

[WHAT IT IS …..]
HAARP has deleted its records from 2010-1-11

HAARP – New World Order Mind Control and Weather Warfare Weapon

The Latest HAARP Information



Free Font NCD Embroidery Comp Size Sews Up A Handmade Look

While millions of outraged Americans protest what they see as a lawless and power-mad Obama administration, many wonder how much clout individuals can really have in reining in a wildly out-of-control government.
But suppose, in addition to citizens with little power beyond their vote, those standing up to the federal government were named Virginia, Texas, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Montana, Maine, South Dakota – and many more?

Use the Dollar or Else by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Look up the phrase “a unique form of domestic terrorism” on a search engine and you will turn up a story about a man whom the US government is trying to cage from now until the time of his death.

And his crime? His unique form of terrorism? He minted silver and copper coins and sold them. In other words, he did what innumerable entrepreneurs from the beginning of time have done. He attempted to provide consumers with a store of value. No one was forced to buy. He met a market demand, and that’s it.

Whom did he hurt? No one. Unlike illegal drugs, which the government bans on grounds that it doesn’t want us to hurt ourselves, these silver coins did not endanger their users. They only gave people an option on what to do with their money. Did the proprietor attempt to claim that these were legal tender for monetary exchange? No, he sold them for what they are.

Could people use them for money? Yes, but people can use anything for money: shoes, shells, flash drives, or books. Whether something is money or not depends on the intentions behind the exchange. Do you acquire something to consume it? It is not money. Do you acquire something in order to trade it for something else? In that case, it takes on money-like properties.

It is wholly understandable that people have doubts about the future of the paper dollar. Many people are seeking alternatives, in their own financial interest. What this proprietor did was provide something that turned out to be a possible alternative to the dollar. And for that, and that alone, he is being hounded and destroyed.

His name is Bernard von NotHaus and he is 67 years old. In the course of the proceedings, he was called every name imaginable. He was called a crook, a terrorist, a crank, and a crazy man. What he actually did, however, should be fully legal and encouraged in any nation, in all times and all places.

A nation that is confident about its money’s future would not fear currency competition. A nation with a dying money uses every possible means to crush the competition. That is precisely what is happening in the case of the so-called Liberty Dollar.

What’s striking here is that no one believes there is any reason to argue the point. It is obvious to his persecutors that he is a criminal. “He’s playing on a core idea of the radical right, that evil bankers in the Federal Reserve are ripping you off by controlling the money supply,” said Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center. “He very much exists in the world of the anti-government patriot movement, whatever he may say. That’s who his customers are.”

And what is the interest of the SLPC in this case? This is a group that claims to be about stopping hate and racism – and this has something to do with opposing poverty. And yet here they are intervening in a case in which a man is actually trying to prevent people from being impoverished. As for the Fed, it is not exactly an act of hate to point out that the Fed controls the money supply. Bernanke himself admits this!

The government has made no bones about the foundation of its case. Citing a Civil War-era law, prosecutors say that it is a crime to compete with the official dollar. Note that they are not citing the U.S. Constitution, which nowhere prevents such a thing. In fact, private coinage has a rich history in the U.S. It was essential when the West was being settled. Providing coinage services was as common as any other trade.

But since 1971, when the dollar became all paper, there has been a sense that its viability needs the backing of federal guns in order to thrive. This attitude is inconsistent with freedom. The right of private coinage is an essential part of free enterprise. Currency competition, especially in a digital age, is something that every country needs.

As Seth Lipsky wrote in the Wall Street Journal, “it’s a loser’s game to suppress private money that is sound in order to protect government-issued money that is unsound.”

Precisely. As Lipsky points out, NotHaus operated very close to the line in terms of legality. He put the dollar sign on his coins, for example, and sold them with numbers. I can’t comment on his business dealings or the integrity of his operations. But this much is clear: the grounds on which he is being hounded are egregious and tyrannical.

Allowing for alternative currencies is not terrorism. It is a path to monetary reform, merely an application of the principle of free enterprise to a sector that should have never fallen so completely to government control. The people who are working to provide alternatives should not be jailed; they should be celebrated in every country that values freedom.

April 6, 2011

Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. [send him mail], former editorial assistant to Ludwig von Mises and congressional chief of staff to Ron Paul, is founder and chairman of the Mises Institute, executor for the estate of Murray N. Rothbard, and editor of See his books.

Copyright © 2011 by Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

When the Saudi Monarchy Falls
Why gold and oil will soar but the dollar and America we knew might be finished!
Oil at $200 plus a barrel will be the least of America’s problems when the Saudi Monarchy falls.
“If something happens in Saudi Arabia it (oil) will go to $200 to $300 (a barrel). I don’t expect this for the time being, but who would have expected Tunisia?” ~ Former Saudi oil minister Sheikh Zaki Yamani 4/5/11
The most important question facing the United States today is whether the freedom revolutions sweeping the Middle East will impact the authoritarian regime of Saudi Arabia and the major oil producers surrounding this nation of major oil reserves? The second question is if the government is overthrown, will the new government continue the practice of pricing oil in depreciating dollars rather than consider new options?

The future value of the dollar and the dollar status as the world’s reserve currency depend heavily on the outcome of these two questions. This is why the price of gold could soar and the dollar move dramatically lower when the Saudi Monarchy is overthrown. I fear, the probable American military reaction to this scenario threatens what remains of our republic and may be compared by future historians as comparable in scope to Caesar’s march across the Rubicon in Roman history….

American Domination as ‘Freedom and Democracy’
Scott Horton interviews Lew Rockwell.
Like Rome, England, and other empires, the US divides to rule. In Arab countries, the subjects of the latest conquests, this is done geographically and tribally. The US establishes “freedom and democracy,” that is, mass killing, puppet tyrannies, and control of the oil. Some human beings like to murder and torture. Serial killers, we call them in the private sector. Mr. President, Madam Secretary, General, Mr. Director, we call them in the government.

Libya – The DC/NATO Agenda and the Next Great War
In the 1930s the US, Great Britain, and the Netherlands set a course for World War II in the Pacific by conspiring against Japan. The three governments seized Japan’s bank accounts in their countries that Japan used to pay for imports and cut Japan off from oil, rubber, tin, iron and other vital materials. Was Pearl Harbor, Japan’s response?
Now Washington and its NATO puppets are employing the same strategy against China.

Protests in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, and Yemen arose from the people protesting against Washington’s tyrannical puppet governments. However, the protests against Gaddafi, who is not a Western puppet, appear to have been organized by the CIA in the eastern part of Libya where the oil is and where China has substantial energy investments…..

Migration of the Black Swans
The phrase “Black Swan” is really making the rounds these last few months. Uttering the term a year ago would have earned you a collection of confused looks and a general attitude of disinterest. Now, people behave as if they had learned about economic shockwave events and the global domino effect when they were in kindergarten. The problem is that when this kind of terminology hits the mainstream, in most cases it comes prepackaged with dumbed down and diluted definitions which promote an inadequate, cartoonish understanding of the circumstances.

To be sure, most Americans are well aware that the world’s political and economic foundations are about as stable as fresh pudding under a heat lamp. The problem is that they are now being conditioned by the mainstream media to view the idea of collapse as “cinematic”; a kind of live action fantasy in which we all get to play the part of the audience, watching safely from the dark in our cushy theater seats with a bag of overpriced popcorn, Dolby surround sound, and a hot date to keep us company during the boring parts. Three years ago, even mentioning the idea of a breakdown in society or a financial catastrophe beyond a minor recession earned you the label of “doom monger”; a rather inept and naïve attempt on the part of the MSM to silence any economic analysis that stepped outside the establishment Keynesian framework. Today, I turn around to look at a magazine stand at the airport and right in front of me is Newsweek openly declaring “Apocalypse Now”…..!

The Great Potato Debate: Nutritionists Insist Spuds ARE Vegetables

George Soros to hold Bretton Woods II This Weekend

Internationalist billionaire George Soros is holding his international conference April 8 to April 11 at Bretton Woods, N.H., the noted birthplace of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, where he plans to “rearrange the entire financial order,” as he noted in a November 2009 article in The Japan Times Online.

This “Bretton Woods II” comes along just as the Trilateral Commission is meeting at the same time in Washington, D.C. With an apparent goal of creating nothing less than a new global economy, Soros is spending $50 million in New Hampshire to bring together up to 200 academic, business and government policy leaders under his Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET).

As AFP goes to press on April 7, the attendees are to include ex-Fed chairman Paul Volcker, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and World B ank executive and Nobel Prize winner in economics Joseph Stiglitz….

CBO: TARP Bank Bailout to Cost Government $19 Billion
( – The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the Troubled Asset Relief Program – the bank bailout package passed in October 2008 – will cost taxpayers approximately $19 billion, down from the CBO’s $25 billion estimate of November 2010. The new estimate reflects the cost of the GM and Chrysler bailouts.

Rep. Ryan on Obama’s Budget Path: ‘Do Nothing, Punt, Duck, Kick the Can Down the Road,’ Causing A ‘Debt Crisis’
( – House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said the House Republicans’ FY2012 budget saves Medicare and helps the United States avoid a debt crisis. “It all comes down to this: Either you fix this problem now where you can guarantee people who’ve already organized their lives around these programs get what they have coming to them — or you pick the President’s path, which is do nothing, punt, duck, kick the can down the road and then we have a debt crisis and then its pain for everybody.”

When superbugs attack, get out the plastic nano-armies. Engineers in San Jose, California have created a new form of antibiotic out of manmade nanoparticles 50,000 smaller than the thickness of a human hair. According to researchers, these microscopic soldiers of germ warfare are able to search out and destroy even the scariest of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. When their job of slaughtering the bacterial enemy is finished, the nanoparticles harmlessly biodegrade away….

Al Qaida is making the most of the situation in Libya, according to an Algerian security official. Weapons from Libya have been smuggled toward Al Qaida destinations in western Africa, and governments in the region are concerned that Al Qaida’s forces could step into the void left if Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is forced to step down….

Workers at the Fukushima nuclear plant have stopped the leaking of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.

What Saudi’s king has learned from Libya… When politically expedient, Washington will help to push you out of power….

Democrats Seize Education Reform
One startling development obscured by partisan battles over union contracts in Wisconsin and New Jersey is the degree to which high-profile Democrats have also been going toe-to-toe with teachers unions, a key bloc in their political base. “Faced with a $25 billion budget gap, California gubernatorial recidivist Jerry Brown is threatening deep cuts in K-12 education,” Katherine Mangu-Ward writes in Reason magazine. “In February another Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo of New York, proposed reductions in education funding and Medicaid to trim a $10 billion budget shortfall, saying the cuts were a necessity in his ‘fundamentally bankrupt’ state.”…..

Former NPR CEO Calls Video Stings an “Abomination”
Former NPR President and CEO Vivian Schiller, participating in a Breakfast Round-table at the Paley Center for Media in New York Tuesday, ripped the video sting operators that eventually cost her her job calling them an “abomination” and disputing the notion that it is a form of journalism….

Membership in the United Nations is Like Having Obama President for a Second Term – UNTHINKABLE
I can think of a lot of different ways for the United States to commit national suicide, but none faster than remaining as a member of the United Nations.
On top of that, our leader in the White House is all for it; if he thought he could somehow get away with it, he would just signal his sub-rosa (they think) leaders, Soros and the Bilderberg Group of maniacally wealthy would-be despots who want to own the world and they would come marching in….

Pest Control for Pesky Evidence

Fox News and Glenn Beck announced Wednesday that they will end his show at the end of the year. The highly rated host became such a lightning rod that many at Fox wanted him out–and for Beck, the feeling was mutual. Howard Kurtz writes on his new blog on the demise of cable’s most radioactive show.

Boehner: Democrats ‘Win’ If Shutdown
House Speaker John Boehner told his caucus Tuesday that Democrats would
probably “win” the political battle if the government shuts down on
Friday. “The Democrats think they benefit from a government shutdown. I
agree,” Boehner said – and several of his colleagues who were there for
the 1995 shutdown backed him up. Still, Boehner made little progress
with the White House and Senate Democrats at an 80-minute meeting; he is
said to have demanded $40 billion in cuts, a $7 billion hike from the
$33 billion they had been discussing….

How a Government Shutdown Screws Paul Ryan
Rep. Paul Ryan’s ambitious budget plan, which slashes $6 trillion off
the deficit and debt over 10 years, could start a vital national
conversation about our fiscal future – if a government shutdown spurred
by hyper-partisan squabbling doesn’t kill it first. The Daily Beast’s
John Avlon on the difference between political principle and ideological
inflexibility. Plus, The Daily Beast’s David A. Graham on what happens
if the government shuts down….

The Federal Reserve Must Implement QE3

Anthrax Redux: Did the Feds Nab the Wrong Guy?

Repeal of O-care 1099 Provisions Passes Senate

By: Gordon Bishop

Ultra-liberals in the Obama Administration want to give effect to a secret, back-room deal with Mexican President Felipe Calderon to give Social Security to illegal aliens.

Hard-working Americans like you and me won’t be able to get our Social Security…while American tax dollars get funneled to Mexican “retirees” sitting on the beach.

Unless America’s working taxpayers take action now, it will be “adios” to your Social Security.

The Council of Seniors (A Program of the Civic Council––has prepared a “Citizen Petition to the Congress of the United States to Support Social Security for Americans Only.”

The Petition says the U.S. Commissioner of Social Security signed a so-called “Totalization Agreement” with the Director General of the Mexican Social Security Institute.

The “Totalization” plan permits illegal immigrants from Mexico who have only worked 18 months in the United States to get a lifetime of Social Security payments funded by U.S. taxpayers.

The costs of paying Social Security to millions of illegal-immigrant workers would bankrupt Social Security.

Mexican “El Presidente” Felipe Calderon doesn’t want the public to know about this “Americans Only” pending legislation.

And neither do the ultra-liberal Obama Administration officials who have been scheming with the Mexican President to rob our Social Security.

Why is the illegal president Barack Hussein Obama destroying the United States of America with his liberal, socialist, Marxist, Communist policies?

America doesn’t want Obama killing our economy, our social and government operations in order to create an Islamic Nation State.

We, the legal American citizens and taxpayers, do not want Obama and his Chicago thugs to dismantle our Constitutional Republic.

Obama already has announced he wants to change our sacred U.S. Constitution that gave birth to the United States of America on July 4, 1776.

This black African who was born in Kenya, Africa, is a law-breaking “President.”


Because he is not a “natural born citizen.” Only natural born citizens can hold the public office of PRESIDENT.

Our United States Supreme Court is failing to enforce our presidential laws because its 9 justices refuse to enforce the law when it comes to putting Obama on trial and require him to submit a legal natural birth certificate.

Obama’s American white mother lied when she said Obama was born in Hawaii.

Obama’s white maternal grandmother said she was there when Obama was born in a hospital in Mombasa, Kenya, North Africa. Two weeks after Obama’s white grandmother made that statement, she died. It was during Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008.

Was iObama’s grandmother a natural death…or murder?

Who knows? Everything about Obama is a mystery. Nobody knew Obama when he was growing up.

He has no history. Nobody in the schools he attended in America never knew about Obama in his college days.

How could that be?

On the issue of Social Security, the U.S. Constitution provides that citizens may petition the federal government to take action.

The Council of Seniors has written legislation to deal with the Social Security for Americans Only Act (H.R. 160) that was introduced during the 111th Congress.

Obama and his Chicago gang will do anything they can to stop the “Support Social Security for Americans Only.”

It’s up to us, the legal people in America, to make sure this Americans Only Act is passed by Congress.
“Published originally at : republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact.”



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